Ili Sulaiman’s Truly Italian Recipes

Combine Italian ingredients with fresh Malaysian produce to make food that's packed with intense flavours!

The beauty of Italian food, be it pizza or pasta, is how versatile you can be with the ingredients you put in. Ili Sulaiman shares this love of Italian food and ingredients. “I love Italian food because it has good, quality ingredients; from how the Italians do their tomato sauce, to the way they jar it, to their preservation of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Also, they believe in making quality home-cooked meals or comfort food.”

To bring Italy to your table, Marks & Spencer has introduced a “Truly Italian” food range of essential ingredients — giving you quality sauces, olives, breads and marinades. The brand travelled all the way to Italy for inspiration, and worked with trusted suppliers to develop this range. Locally, the collaboration between Ili and Marks & Spencer has birthed two new recipes. Both are simple and kid-friendly: perfect for mums on-the-go.

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The inspiration for Ili’s recipes were from her time studying in the United Kingdom, when  she had an Italian roommate. Ili visited Italy often and highlighted how food can really bring people from two continents together. “Her mum taught me how to make pasta. By putting a lot of salt in the water when cooking the pasta, you get the flavour in the pasta. Besides that, I learn to reserve the pasta water for two things, thickening the sauce or loosening up the cooked pasta, to avoid using oil,” Ili shares.

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