Learn ways to cook salmon with these awesome recipes.

Don’t we all love salmon in our Yee Sang, the most vital dish to our Chinese New Year meals – to usher in good luck and prosperity for the new year? We were lucky to have a session with Chef Jimmy Chok on how to prepare healthy dishes for the festive season! Here are some healthy recipes and tips on how to cook salmon to perfection.

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Cooking to perfection

The white part that seeps out of the salmon when cooking is actually protein.

  • Rule #1: You’d want to get the fillet out of your fridge 15 to 20 minutes before placing it on a pan.
  • Rule #2: Don’t overcook your fish. Remember to cook the fish over medium heat. If its on high heat, the oil is cooked and your fish will burn faster.
  • Rule #3: Don’t keep flipping the fish. Place it skin-down and only flip it once 1/3 of the salmon is cooked
  • Rule #4: When cooking in the oven, cook it at a low temperature (50 degrees) for 45 minutes. Check if it’s cooked by using the other end of the spoon and it’ll go in slowly.

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