Review: Vietnamese Street Food @ Pho Street

Though you'd expect an array of noodles at Pho Street, this halal Vietnamese restaurant has a lot more to offer.

Vietnamese food, much like our cuisines and that of our other Southeast Asian neighbours, bursts with flavour. Many are familiar to us, with common ingredients our taste buds recognise, but with that extra something that’s distinctively Vietnamese.

Vietnam also has a culture of amazing street food; each beloved and a staple of the local diet. It’s this that Pho Street seeks to recreate on our shores. Tasty takes on the iconic pho are served alongside an array of snacks and crusty banh mi, in a vibrant dining ambience that transports mind and soul to Vietnam for the duration of a meal. And yes, the Malaysian Pho Street outlets are halal.

What To Eat Here

Clockwise from top: Banh Mi Combination, Pho Beef Combination and Spicy Seafood Vermicelli

With an extensive menu to pick from, here’s what we enjoyed and suggest ordering, especially if it’s your first time. To begin, do get the Rice Crackers with Chicken Floss – deceptively simple in appearance, it’s flavourful and fried to the right level of crisp. Another dish that packs in the flavour is the Crunchy Green Mango Salad. Served with prawns and crushed peanuts, as well as prawn crackers, it’s great for sharing. For something that’s lighter and more refreshing, there’s the standard Summer Rolls: like our popiah, except with different veggies and translucent rice paper skins.

Spicy Seafood Vermicelli

Moving on to mains, pho is naturally a must. The signature Beef Combination is Hanoi-style pho with in-house beef balls, beef slices, beef shank, beef tendons, and beef tripe. The hearty broth is anything but bland, dispelling the notion that clear, soupy noodles are only for those with light palates. A chicken version is also on the menu, with chicken slices, chicken balls and minced chicken. Can’t do without spicy food, or want seafood? Give the Spicy Seafood Vermicelli a try! It’s piquant and sour, with juicy prawns and fish balls further whetting the appetite.

There are other equally yummy options for those who don’t want something soupy. Sticking to noodles, the Dry Rice Vermicelli with Turmeric Chicken and Spring Roll was a delight to tuck into! The tender chicken fillets were just so well-marinated, with the option of ordering it with fragrant rice instead. Another rice dish that got us excited is the Fish Sauce Diced Chicken with Fragrant Rice. As for the Combination Banh Mi, it’s stuffed generously with grilled beef, chicken ham and roasted chicken. Topped with coriander, pickled papaya and carrots, cucumber, chillies and the special in-house sauce – this fusion ‘baguette’ can be sliced and shared.

Best For…

To sum it up, Pho Street brings the streets of Hanoi to Malaysia in a comfortable setting that nevertheless harks back to its culinary inspiration. Muslim-friendly and at prices that won’t break the bank, we recommend it to multiracial groups of colleagues, friends and family.