Review: Clean and Wholesome Food-On-The-Go At Kurin

Kurin offers an array of healthy meals that are also pleasingly delicious.

Kurin, which gives meaning to “clean” in Japanese aims to serve its customers exactly that and no less. It opened its first outlet in Nu Sentral in August of 2017, bringing a multitude of healthy grab ‘n’ go food choices for busy working people.

Kurin’s Poke bowl starts from only RM11

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Mix-n-Make Your Pokeritto from RM16

kurin food review

Pokeritto, starts from RM16

Its star dish is the Pokeritto (from RM16) – a hybrid of your regular poke bowl and a burrito. Its fillings include tuna, salmon, and chicken or torched tofu that comes with a choice of Japanese short grain or brown rice. Alternatively, you may opt to fill your Pokeritto with either their lettuce or cabbage option. All of Kurin’s fresh meats are marinated with your choice of sauce to order. This is to ensure that it retains as much nutrients and stays as fresh as possible when served to you. If raw fish does not sound appealing to you, a torched version is made available.


Depending on the size, you may choose up to four different fruits and vegetables that include edamame beans, Chuka Wakame, mango and tomatoes to name a few. In order to up the flavour of your pokeritto, Kurin has designed a selection of homemade sauces such as Wasabi Mayo (creamy Japanese sauce), Spicy Mayo (creamy sriracha), Ponzu Fresh (citrus infused soy), Teriyaki (sans the mirin), and Classic (shoyu-sesame oil). To finish it off, you have the option to add an unlimited amount of healthy toppings like crispy garlic, nori flakes, sesame seed, ebikko, kani salad and almonds.

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