Make It Up To Mum With Chocolates!

Guilty of not giving mum a present on Mother's Day? You can still compensate!

For all those guilty of not getting mum something for Mother’s Day, look over here! It’s not too late to compensate and mum may be surprised that you even decided to make it up to her. We know it’s extra pressure since we had additional days to prepare. So, do it right with our chocolate recommendations below.

We know what you are thinking. Chocolates seem like a no-brainer present but trust us, nobody can resist chocolate. What more with these unique and customizable ones.

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Nama Chocolate from Japan is legendary for its rich and decadent yet melt-in-your-mouth taste . The only downside? It’s too expensive. However, worry not since we have found a brand that lives up to that standard but at half the price! Presenting – Cocoraw, a start-up that sells Southeast Asian flavoured truffles.

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Credits: Cocoraw Instagram

Biting into these cubes requires no jaw effort at all. It melts gracefully in your tongue, leaving a silky-soft texture that resembles thawing cold butter. Except this one doesn’t leave you feeling disgusted but craving for more. There are 8 flavours to choose from – Salted Gula Melaka, Teh Tarik, The Raw, Local Kakao, Milk, Rum, Gin & Limau, and vegan.

The truffles are handmade, so shelf-life is short. Hence, keep in mind that the dark chocolates can last for two weeks while the milk chocolates have a longer expiry date of three weeks.

P.S. Now that we have found affordable yet high-quality chocolates, we can now buy seconds for mother.

Where to get: Cocodash at Bangsar or The Linc KL

Price: RM 19 for a small box of 12 pieces and RM 30 for a larger box of 24 pieces



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