Make It Up To Mum With Chocolates!

Guilty of not giving mum a present on Mother's Day? You can still compensate!

For all those guilty of not getting mum something for Mother’s Day, look over here! It’s not too late to compensate and mum may be surprised that you even decided to make it up to her. We know it’s extra pressure since we had additional days to prepare. So, do it right with our chocolate recommendations below.

We know what you are thinking. Chocolates seem like a no-brainer present but trust us, nobody can resist chocolate. What more with these unique and customizable ones.

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Kit-Kat Chocolatory

If you want to show mom some extra love, how about personalizing your own box of Kitkat at the Kitkat Chocolatory? You will get to choose everything, from the ingredients you put into your chocolate base to the little details on the packaging.

Did you know that you can also print your own name and picture on the box? Now you can ward off pesky siblings from taking credit for the presents you bought.

mother loves chocolates

Credits: Kitkat FB

Worried about whipping up a concoction that mom might not like? The chocolate factory also has ready-made chocolate fingers that will remind her of home favourites. Among the flavours available are Nasi Lemak, Durian, Deconstructed Ice Kacang, Cafe Latte with Cookies & Cream, Onde-onde and more.

Where to get: Kitkat Chocolatory at Mid Valley Megamall

Instagram: @mykitkatchocolatory

FB: @KitKatMalaysia

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