Make It Up To Mum With Chocolates!

Guilty of not giving mum a present on Mother's Day? You can still compensate!

For all those guilty of not getting mum something for Mother’s Day, look over here! It’s not too late to compensate and mum may be surprised that you even decided to make it up to her. We know it’s extra pressure since we had additional days to prepare. So, do it right with our chocolate recommendations below.

We know what you are thinking. Chocolates seem like a no-brainer present but trust us, nobody can resist chocolate. What more with these unique and customizable ones.

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Harriston Chocolatier

First off is a fresh player on the scene – Harriston Chocolatier. Although just launched months ago, it is actually an addition to the Harriston brand. Don’t worry, we are not going to rave about how good their classics are (although they do carry them in the store). Instead, the real star that we want to dole out to you is their dainty pralines.

mother loves chocolates

The Pink Panther praline is made with Coriander and Ruby Chocolate. No need to flinch, not much coriander can be tasted. In fact, you will be surprised at how similar the flavours are to the Froot Loops cereal.


It’s easy to spot Harriston’s precious marshmallow-shaped chocolates as they are branded with brush flickered designs.  They come in 14 delicate flavours, with Pink Panther and Sunset being our favourite. These mouthwatering pralines are handmade in small batches every day to ensure freshness.

Where to get: Harriston Chocolatier at The Linc KL

Price: RM 8 per piece


Instagram & FB: @harristonchocolatier


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