Know Your Potatoes

Baked, boiled, sauteed, roasted, mashed, fried, tossed in salads… What could be more versatile than the potato? Here are some guidelines to the major types of potatoes you can find at the grocers.



These interestingly shaped potatoes is similar to one’s fingers. At about 2- 4 inches long, the small tubers come in variety of colors: red, orange,purple,yellow and white in flesh and skin.

Recommended uses: Pan-frying  and roasting enhance their robust flavor and showcase their wonderful nutty pr buttery taste.



They’re the most widely used potato, a medium to large-sized potato,oblong or slightly flattened and oval. They have a light to medium russet-brown netted color skin with white to yellow pale flesh. The hearty skin is chewy when cooked and the flavor is mild and earthy ( don’t worry they have a medium sugar content)

Recommended uses : The best to make light and fluffy mashed potatoes. They also fry up delicious crisp and golden brown snacks. Basically it’s the good all- purpose potatoes!


White Potatoes 

Generally medium in size, they have slightly creamy and dense texture. The skin is thin and delicate and it has subtly sweet and mild flavor with low sugar content.

Recommended uses : It’s delicate, thin skins add just the right amount of texture to a velvety mashed potatoes dish without the need of peeling. Grilling the white potatoes will bring out a fuller bodied flavor, great for delicious potato salad.


Round Red 

These have a rosy red skin with white flesh, waxy, moist and smooth texture. These potatoes have a subtly sweet flavor, even though they are small, round and slightly oblong.

Recommended uses : It stays firm  throughout the cooking process due to their waxy texture. Whether they’re being roasted or cooked in a stew, used as side dishes or in salad, their thin and vibrant red skin enhances the appeal of the whole dish.


Blue Purple

These unique-looking potatoes have a slightly nutty flavor with  moist and firm flesh. Small-to medium size in shape, these potatoes  have flesh that ranges from dark blue to lavender to white.  To preserve color. blue purple potatoes are best boiled, roasted or grilled.

Recommended uses :Their rich, vibrant color and luscious taste great for salads, naturally complimenting green salads flavor. Steaming and baking are also great ways to  cook it.

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Source: United States Potato Board (Malaysia)