Her World Eats Out: Wing Wing at Pavilion KL

Find out if this is the crispiest chicken of them all!
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On the 6th floor of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur sits Wing Wing, hailing all the way from London! Founded by London Chicken Elite, Wing Wing aims to serve the planet’s freshest, krispiest fried chicken! Of course, when we heard this, we flocked to Wing Wing to put the chicken’s crispiness to the test.

wing wing pavilion kl

We love the eclectic interior of Wing Wing as it adds such a vibrant atmosphere!

What can you get?

Wing Wing offers three different flavours for its signature fried chicken wing, drummette and drumstick: soy garlic, spicy, and the most unusual, liquorice! The chicken are freshly delivered every morning, marinated, and battered. Once an order is put in, the cooking starts. The hand-brushing technique of putting a thin layer of coating, of one of the three flavours, will give you the crunch you’re craving for.

So, was it krispy?

Before we got our food, we could smell the fried chicken when the kitchen door swung open. We could also see the steam from the chicken and we couldn’t wait to take a bite! We were served the soy garlic drumsticks first, and they were crunchy and delicious. Each piece is not coated with too much batter and the sauce was evenly distributed. It had a sweet, tangy flavour which was scrumptious! The chicken was also tender and not too oily.

wing wing chicken set

Feel free to choose your preferred parts of the chicken. If you get the combo, it comes with fries and a refillable drink!

The licorice flavour is definitely for those who are curious to try something new. As for us, we thought it tasted good though different from what we’re used to; sweet and savoury at the same time. We brought back the spicy chicken for the team and our designer had a taste. She loves spicy food and could tahan the spice — though she mentioned it was spicy! So if you like it fiery, you’re in a for a treat.

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