How To Make Eating Rice Healthier

It’s really alright to tuck into this delicious, wholesome grain and enjoy its natural goodness.

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For thousands of years, half the world’s population – particularly in Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, and even countries in the Middle East – have relied on rice as a staple food for daily sustenance. White rice has been and still is the predominant source of carbohydrates in their diets.

Rice, in itself, is nutritious and filling, and has a neutral effect on health, but how did it gain its modern day ‘high sugar intake’ bad reputation? This arose from a misunderstanding that carbohydrates should be shunned because they cause weight gain. The simplistic belief that carbohydrates cause a dangerous spike to sugar levels in the bloodstream and is associated with diabetes has added to the misconception
about eating rice.

Too much of anything is never wise. Likewise with rice, it can be health- and weight-loss friendly when eaten in moderation, teamed with a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Here’s how you can enjoy rice in a more healthy way:

1. Enjoy eating rice.

White rice, when taken in moderation, is a delicious and nutritious choice. Jasmine Sunwhite fragrant rice is a great source of energy as it’s rich in minerals and carbohydrates.

2. Choose according to your needs.

Even if you have health concerns or need to manage your weight, you don’t have to cut out rice completely from your diet. Basmati rice, an aromatic long-grain variety, has a lower Glycaemic Index (GI) score, which helps control blood glucose levels – this makes it diabetic-friendly. Jasmine PusaGold 1121 is known for its premium taste and Jasmine BasmathiKing is low in starch and fat, and free of cholesterol and gluten. The aromatic Jasmine PusaCream is high in vitamins and minerals.

3. Think nutrition.

There are healthier varieties of rice that will complement your diet without sacrificing taste. Jasmine Sunbrown Original contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, vitamins and proteins to fuel your body all day. NutriRice Thai Red, which is red rice, contains vitamins and minerals, and is rich in antioxidants that help counter the damaging effects of free radicals. NutriRice BlackBerry lets you savour the deep and nutty flavour of black rice. It’s packed with protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals – like iron and potassium – that are beneficial for our liver, kidney and stomach.

4. Exercise portion control.

Regular high intake of rice is not a good idea. No matter which variety of rice you prefer, consume in moderation. A practical tip: limit rice meals such as fried rice, nasi lemak and briyani rice.

5. Eat well-balanced meals.

Cut back your rice intake to a reasonable serving and increase the portion of accompanying dishes comprising vegetables, protein and lean meat. A healthy amount of rice per meal is about half a cup of cooked rice. This helps reduce your sugar intake.

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