How To Differentiate Salmon From Trout

Find out if you've been eating trout all this while!
Picture credits: Pexels

Picture credits: Pexels

It’s easy to confuse between the two so here are things to look out for to help you pick the right fish:-

1. Origins

According to the Straits Times, Norwegian fjord trout is farmed in the Norwegian fjords (fjord is a deep and narrow sea) where seawater meets fresh water melted from the glaciers and snow. Salmon on the other hand is farmed along the coastline from East Finnmark to Western Norway.

2. Shape and weight

Believe it or not, there are few ways to tell them apart though it requires you to take a closer look. For one, the general appearance of salmon is more slender while trout has a more rounded shape and a thicker belly. The head of the salmon is sharper than a trout which is rounder. As for the tail, salmon has a fork tail whereas a trout’s tail is more square-ish. In terms of weight, a salmon could grow up to 6kg, 1kg more than trout. Lastly, a trout has more black spots than a salmon.

3. Taste and ways to cook

Many might missed it, but salmon has been said to a more smooth velvety taste while trout has a more firmer bite to it, as explained in the Straits Times. In terms of ways to prepare it, both can be cooked in many ways, from pan-frying to grilling to smoking and could made into a sashimi dish.

4. Colour

Colour wise, salmon has a paler flesh than trout which has a more deep red-orange colour.

5. Health benefits

Both fish consists of plenty nutritional benefits such as omega-3, vitamin D in trout and vitamin A in salmon.


Adapted from the Straits Times.