Her World Eats Out: Cielo KL

Look no further for a restaurant that combines lip-smacking dishes with majestic views.
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Along with our drinks, we also tucked into Cielo’s oysters. They have a special tank built to keep these oysters live and fresh until the very last moment. The Gallagher Specials from Ireland are extra plump and fleshy, with a slight crunch and hint of peat that lends it a bit of smokiness.  But if your palate runs towards a more concentrated and nuttier taste, the Royal Grand Cru de France is a better choice (my personal preference).

Moving on to mains, we tucked into their degustation menu with a few a la carte items on the side. We were off to a delightful start with a trio of pan-seared scallop, duck foie gras pate, and Akami tuna tartare on a plate. This selection is carefully curated to tickle your taste buds.

The fleshy scallop was served atop barley risotto that brings to mind the texture of red beans, while the tuna tartare was memorable in its silkiness, paired beautifully with the sweet tartness of mango bits. Saving the best for last as I’m an avid fan of foie gras, I was not disappointed — especially taken by the jelly that melts into sweet moscato on the tongue. A flawless combination with the rich and mousse-like texture of the foie gras.

Up next was the luxurious Abalone Consommé, which has just a touch of sherry in it. Rest assured though, it still allows the naturally sweet and briny flavours of the abalone slivers to peek through, with pops of flavour from various fish roe.

My personal favourite of the evening was the Marinated King Salmon. It’s often a risk ordering the salmon as most establishments tend to overcook this gorgeous slab of meat. But I’m happy to report that the flesh gave way easily beneath the knife — revealing the mouth-watering pink shade so revered amongst food connoisseurs. It also comes with a delectable fried quiche and a solid interpretation of the classic creamy mashed potatoes.

Despite being a seafood restaurant, they do serve other sorts of meat and their French Duck Breast is worth a try. Do note that while the meat is overall tender, it does have a touch more bite to it (compared to what other restaurants dish out) and comes with a black pepper and red wine sauce. We’d err on the latter as the slight acidic flavour balances out the rest of the stronger flavour profiles on the plate.

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