Healthy And Nutritious Seafood From Norway

Packed with nutrients and easy to cook, find out how Norwegian salmon and Fjord Trout can promote a healthful diet.

It’s common knowledge that fish and other seafood contain a number of nutrients necessary to the human body, such as vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acid. The recommended intake of seafood is two servings per week and in general, Malaysia ranks among the highest in both local and international studies, indicating that we consume plenty of seafood.

However, research by local medical bodies has shown that our intake of Omega-3 is far lower than what’s recommended by most international health organisations, especially among children and women who are pregnant and lactating – two key groups that critically need nutrients that support healthy growth.

1 Why we need Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acid is composed of three parts – ALA, EPA and DHA – and it’s found in abundance in farmed Norwegian Atlantic salmon and Fjord Trout. This essential fatty acid is especially vital for expecting and lactating mothers to support membrane formation, visual acuity, and brain development in foetal, neonatal and infant growth. It promotes brain development and cognitive function in children, and among adults, studies suggest that regular consumption helps reduce the risk heart disease, hypertension, dementia and depression.

Norwegian salmon is rich in antioxidants and high-quality protein, which help maintain healthy bodily functions. It also has vitamins A (to improve vision), B (to maintain cell health and repair DNA), and D (to promote healthy skin).

2 How much of Omega-3 do we need?

According to the US Institute of Medicine, the adequate daily intake of Omega-3 we should aim for is 0.7g for children, 1.6g for adult males, 1.1g for adult females, and 1.4g for pregnant women. Half a fillet of Atlantic salmon provides 4.12g of Omega-3, or 2.26g for a 100g portion. Therefore, consuming Norwegian salmon amply fulfils that requirement.

3 Safe, healthy and sustainable food

Through long-term research, Norwegian health and seafood authorities have established that Norwegian
salmon and Fjord Trout are absolutely safe to eat, even raw, as sashimi. High farming standards safeguard sustainability, while strict regulations together with the cold, clear waters of Norway ensure that the salmon and Fjord Trout are healthy, carry no intestinal parasites, and are completely free from medicinal and antibiotic residues.

Look out for the Seafood From Norway origin mark every time to ensure that you consume only the best-quality seafood for your Omega-3 needs.


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