A Healthier Choice of Cooking Oils For Your Kitchen

Opting for Naturel Blend Cooking Oil. Healthier lifestyle, healthier you.

WINNER Naturel Blend Cooking Oil // CATEGORY Best Cooking Oil – Editors’ Pick

Naturel’s cooking oils lead you and your loved ones to a healthier path. Made from natural ingredients, Naturel Blend is a blend of canola and sunflower oils. It contains Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are essential for normal growth in children. Suitable for vegetarians and it’s high in monounsaturated fat − as it’ll help reduce your body’s bad cholesterol levels. For the past decade, Naturel has consistently maintained its number one spot as the most preferred soft oil brand, according to the Nielsen survey. Reach for Naturel Blend to prepare healthy meals that help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Now, that’s the assurance you can trust.

The DHA innovation

Naturel Forte DHA Cooking Oil is the 1st cooking oil fortified with plant-based DHA in Malaysia. It’s a healthier choice as plant-based DHA is cultivated in a more hygienic and contamination-free environment. Omega-3 DHA is also scientifically proven to help build strong cognitive functions and brain development. Let’s get the goodness of DHA in every meal with Naturel Forte DHA Cooking Oil!

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