Fruits That Are Considered Lucky During Chinese New Year

Have them at home, or take some along as gifts when visiting this Lunar New Year.

Prepping for Chinese New Year, or wondering what to take with you as a gift when visiting? Make sure these fruits are on your list because according to Feng Shui principles, they are very auspicious.

We’re sure you already know the symbolism for oranges and why they mean a lot during Chinese New Year. So, instead, here are other fruits you might not know are considered lucky as well.



According to Chinese mythology, peaches are a sign of immortality. However, different parts of the peach can mean different things. For example, peach blossoms are considered as lucky while the peach fruit itself refers to immortality and staying young.

Peach trees are a symbols of longevity while peach petals symbolise love and happiness.


Depending on the occasion, grapes can symbolise fertility or the abundance (of a certain thing).

Much like the peach, different parts of apricots too symbolise different things. The apricot fruit is often used to represent female elegance and beauty as well.


Just like grapes, pomegranates are also used as a symbol for fertility and abundance. Newly weds are often advised to display art or symbols of pomegranates at home to attract luck and fertility for their family.


Because of their gorgeous colour, apricots are often used to symbolise wealth and gold.


Apples are often used to symbolise luck and wealth because, back in the days, apples were considered a luxurious fruit. This is because, certain varieties of apples were only able to grow in parts of Korea and Japan which meant that China had to import these varieties in.


Besides being used in cooking, pineapples can often symbolise luck and wealth.

This is because the Hokkien word for pineapple, “ong lai”, sounds similar to “prosperity comes your way”.


The banana is a fruit that symbolises unity because it always comes in a bunch. The fruit’s bright, vibrant yellow colour also stands for happiness.


Lychees are an auspicious fruit according to feng shui principles. Its red colour symoblises happiness and good fortune. According to ancient Chinese culture, the lychee is also a mythological symbol of romance, beauty and good luck.


Pomelos are a symbol of family unity and are thought to bring good luck into the family home. If you want to display pomelos in your house during CNY, try to buy a pair as a popular feng shui principle states that “all good things come in twos”.


The watermelon’s round shape is considered lucky in feng shui. While the fruit itself represents prosperity, the watermelon’s many, many seeds represent abundance. Meanwhile, it’s red, sweet flesh is also a symbol of luck.