Fresh Salmon & Vegetable Spring Roll with Chilli Lime Dip

A vibrant combination of veggies and protein, paired with a tangy dipping sauce. Great as an appetizer, snack or light meal.

This recipe is straight out of Thailand: from the kitchen of OPEN}, DoubleTree by Hilton Bangkok Ploenchit‘s signature restaurant.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Makes: 1 roll


For spring roll:

  • 1 sheet Vietnamese flour sheet
  • Sushi-grade raw salmon
  • 5g saw leaves (sawtooth coriander)
  • 10g sweet basil leaves
  • 15g Japanese cucumber, cut into long strips

For chilli lime dip:

  • 10g chopped dried chillies
  • 15g lime juice
  • 15g palm sugar
  • 15g fish sauce


For spring roll:

  1. Boil prawn in boiling water and remove shell.
  2. Soak Vietnamese flour sheet in water. Then, transfer flour sheet to a plate.
  3. Place ingredients on the sheet.
  4. Starting from the end furthest from you, roll sheet as tightly as possible, so there is no loose space inside.
  5. Cut spring roll into smaller pieces.

For chilli lime dip:

  1. Place all ingredients into the blender; blend for about 3 minutes.