Enjoy Sashimi Safely, Without Worries!

Did you know that Norwegian salmon is so safe, it can be eaten raw without freezing?

Now that sashimi and sushi have become a cuisine celebrated by global palates, the demand for raw salmon has soared to heights never seen before. And distinguishing itself from salmon sourced from other parts of the world, Norwegian farmed salmon has earned itself the distinction of being fresh, safe for consumption, and of the highest quality.

Why the need for freezing?

Conventionally, meat and fish are cooked or frozen to kill parasitic worms. In fish, the Anisakis larvae is at a higher risk to be found in cod, salmon and herring, among others. It all starts with the diet of the fish – when it eats shrimps, crustaceans or other live beings that contain the larvae, the fish becomes a host for the worm. This, in turn, can be passed on to humans who consume the fish. While an infection is mostly harmless, it can be an inconvenience.

To ensure food safety, European Commission regulations specify that fishery products intended to be consumed raw must be frozen for not less than 24 hours to kill any parasites that may be present in the fish. However, Norwegian farmed salmon is exempted from this regulation.

Controlled diet

Image: Marius Fiskum © Norges sjømatråd

Since parasitic infection is traced to the fish’s food source, Norwegian farmed salmon is raised in a controlled environment under strict regulations, where their diet is controlled to prevent infections. Farmed salmon in Norway are cultured from embryos and they are monitored closely all their lives. Their diet consists exclusively of heat-treated dry feed, which works to eliminate the possibility of it containing parasites.

As such, reports from studies by the European Food Safety Authority, the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research, and the Norwegian National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research have concluded that it is unlikely that Norwegian farmed salmon and trout contain Anisakis. Without the risk of parasitic infections present, farmed salmon from Norway doesn’t need to be frozen.

How can you know if your sashimi is made with premium-quality Norwegian farmed salmon? Before you place your order, be sure to check with the chef the origin of their salmon. Always choose Seafood From Norway so you get seafood that’s of the best-quality possible.