Is This Margarine Healthy For You?

Start the day right with Naturel Soft Margarine, which is high in good fats and cholesterol-free!

WINNER Naturel Soft Margarine // CATEGORY Best Margarine

Healthy breakfast companion

Packed with wholesome nutrients to kickstart your morning, the delicious and nutritious Naturel Soft Margarine goes great with your favourite toast! Produced from canola and sunflower oils, Naturel Soft Margarine is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which cannot be produced by the human body. These nutrients are essential for brain development, blood pressure regulation and improving the function of your immune system. It also has monounsaturated fats that will aid in reducing bad cholesterol. Start with having good nutrients in the morning, so power up your family by adding Naturel Soft Margarine to your lovingly-prepared breakfast.


Suitable spreads for your family

You can choose from a wide range of Naturel Margarines to suit your nutritional needs.


NATUREL LITE contains 32 per cent less fat.*

NATUREL REDUCED SALT MARGARINE contains 43 per cent less salt.*

NATUREL FORTE DHA SPREAD is specially formulated with plant-based DHA.

NATUREL OLIVE SPREAD is formulated with extra virgin olive oil and has 30 per cent less fat.*

*As compared to Naturel Soft Margarine