HW Eats Out: Anne Elizabeth @ Cheras

This meat lovers' paradise is one of our must-eat restaurants in Malaysia!

Anne Elizabeth probably needs no introduction to those in the Cheras area. But it is somewhat of a hidden gem if you’re less familiar with the hustle and bustle of Taman Segar. This casual-dining restaurant is, in short, a paradise for meat lovers (non-halal).

What makes Anne Elizabeth worth the trip is its prices (value for money!), freshness, and being able to see what’s available for the day at the deli-style display. As its owners proudly say: “You choose, you pair, we cook, we serve.”

Friendly, Hands-On Service

Helmed by a husband-and-wife team, Jacob mans Anne Elizabeth’s kitchen while Sandra commands the front of the house. She, and their knowledgeable staff, are attentive in recommending meats that cater to palate and, if necessary, age group (for eg: whether a certain cut of meat is chewier, or can be cooked well done).

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Pork (local and imported), beef, lamb, and sausages — made for them by Jacob’s friend — form the bulk of the meaty offerings. But there are some chicken, salmon, and vegetarian options too.

The meats are served as is, without any pre-set side dishes. Not only does this keep prices low, it gives you the option of adding on what you want to eat from a list of seasonal salads, soups, and little bites.

The cooking style veers towards lightly seasoned, to bring out the taste of their fresh and premium meats. If you prefer stronger flavours, sauces are served on the side. Anne Elizabeth’s two house sauces are caramelised roasted and pepper cream. Some meats are also plated up with a dollop of gourmet mustard.

Be sure to make a reservation (03-91300319) so you won’t have to wait for a table.

Address: No. 1, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

These are our favourite dishes:

Passion Fruit & Parmesan Salad (RM11.90)

Who knew zesty passion fruit and Parmesan cheese would make a good pairing! This tangy salad is a refreshing start to a meal, and a good palate cleanser too.

We also recommend the Pomelo and Black Sesame Salad (RM10.90), where juicy bits of pomelo complement the rich sesame dressing.

The salads change from time to time to accommodate seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Mushroom Soup (RM11.90)

Made in-house, this is mushroom soup at one of its finest. Flavourful, hearty, and filled with chunky mushroom and bacon bits. Bliss!

Iberico Meatball

Juicy and buttery, these meatballs are amde with iberico (Spanish black pig) meat. Best shared so you have more space for mains (and dessert!).

Portobello Bacon Cheese (RM20.90)

Stuffed with homemade bacon bits and a generous amount of stringy cheese.

Pork Cajun Spiral (RM17.60), Spicy Russian (RM7.90), Smoked Pork Sausage (RM10.90)

Chilli lovers must try the Spicy Russian! You’ll love its fiery kick, while if you prefer something more meaty and yet slightly spicy, go for the Cajun Spiral. Smoked Pork is a crowd-pleaser with its subtle smokey flavour and bits of oozy cheese (toned down to suit elderly taste buds).

Jacob recommends taking a bite of the Spicy Russian with their Iberico Pork Belly if you’re one who must have chilli with every meal.

Smoked Duck Breast (RM30.80)

Smoked locally using technology from France, the duck is then toasted and finished on the grill in Anne Elizabeth’s kitchen. Served with apple sauce and mustard, the skin still retains a nice crisp when done medium-well.

Iberico Pork Belly (RM23.90)

The ‘wagyu‘ of pork, Anne Elizabeth’s iberico is from a reputable source in Spain, ensuring its authenticity. You’ll find it lacking in the ‘gamey’ taste sometimes associated with pork, as the pig is fed a high-quality diet and humanely slaughtered.

The ratio of belly fat to meat is 50:50, giving it the perfect balance between melt-in-the-mouth and a firm bite. The juices from the fat even have a hint of olive oil!

Iberico Abanico (RM39.80)

The best cut when it comes to iberico, this is the muscle between the ribs and belly. There’s a very limited quantity of it, making it highly prized. In fact, its the signature dish here, with Jacob ranking it above their wagyu and Black Angus hanger steak! And we can see why, as the meat was delightfully juicy and rich in flavour.

Dorper Lamb Spare Rib (RM46.30 for 250g; seasonal)

This is only available from time to time and rarely in Malaysia, so if you see it, we highly recommend trying it! It’s lightly seasoned to bring out its naturally strong yet pleasant flavour.  Definitely one for those who enjoy the taste of lamb.

Black Angus Hanger Steak (RM52.60 for 250g)

Limited in quantity, we highly recommend calling ahead to ask if it’s still available. One of our absolute favourites, this is best eaten medium-rare so you can taste its natural juices. At this level of doneness, it’s quite tender and beautifully charred. Good enough to eat on its own without any sauces!

We also enjoyed this with a glass of apple cider, if you’re not in the mood for wine.

Australian Wagyu Sankaku Chuck Rib Meat (RM67.60 for 200g; MB6)

More chewy than the Black Angus Hanger Steak (great if you like more ‘bite’), it’s buttery but also lighter on the palate. We enjoyed its clean aftertaste!

The meat looks less read than some other types of beef as it contains more fat.