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For your second stomach

It’s only proper to end the meal with some lip-smacking dessert. And so, we decided to get an extra helping, besides the dessert of the day that comes with the Elite Gourmand Lunch set. Settling on the Crêpe Suzette as it comes with a flambé show (get a glimpse of the flambé in the video below), the Suzette sauce was a zesty yet sweet berry reduction. It complemented the smoky aftertaste that lingered — we pinpointed it to the Glenfiddich Whisky. The crepe is then drowned in the Suzette sauce and topped with vanilla gelato, giving a milky finish to the dessert. We licked our plates clean, all of it!

crepe suzette


Depending on how much time and tummy space you have, go for Marble 8’s Grab & Bite set (RM56++) which is available daily, or the Elite Gourmand Lunch menu which consists of either 3 courses (RM78++)  or 4 courses (RM118++) available only from Sunday to Friday.

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