Treat your taste buds while enjoying an amazing view of KL's cityscape.
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Prepping your taste buds

From the Elite Gourmand Lunch set, we got two different appetizers out of the four available options. First up, the Burrata cheese with Japanese momotaro tomatoes and asparagus salad. Points given for on-point plating — like a small flower garden sitting on a bed of Burrata cheese. The latter has a distinct¬† taste best summed up as milky, buttery and rich yet refreshing, so you won’t feel like its too much. Overall, the thinly sliced greens and fresh, sweet tomatoes complemented the cheese.


A classic choice

Everyone loves a good, warm bowl of soup — and mushroom soup is the top choice for an appetiser! If you’re a fan of a mushroom and truffle combination, Marble 8’s cream of porcini mushroom will hit all the right spots. Its smooth texture and lingering aftertaste of the truffle oil got us hooked after just one sip. Neither of the two flavours overpowered the other, making this the ideal combination. The soup also came with a slice of crispy garlic bread to mop up every drop.

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