Treat your taste buds while enjoying an amazing view of KL's cityscape.
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We got a taste of exquisite meals, exceptional service and a captivating view — all at Marble 8. Just some background info: within a few months of their closure, due to construction work on the MRT in their area, they were back in business! And up’s the way to go, as they moved to level 56 of Menara 3 Petronas. You can enjoy good food and magnificent views of KL’s skyline, to the backdrop of clear blue skies or dazzling city lights.

For starters

Who doesn’t love chowing down to carb-loads of delicious, warm baked bread? Right after the friendly waiter took our orders, we were served a basket of five different types of bread. Tearing into the sun-dried tomato buns, steam dispersed into the air and when I took a bite, it was airy, fluffy and light but full of flavour. For a little bit of crunch, get addicted to these Italian snacks: crispy lavash lightly sprinkled with sea salt and the taralli (they look like mini bagels). You can also slather a mixture of dips onto the grilled sourdough bread. Last but not least, be sure to sink your teeth into the soft — yet dense and flavourful — potato focaccia bread.

Take your pick from the four unique dips: sun-dried tomato puree with arugula and garlic, black kalamata olive puree, red capsicum puree, and olive oil with balsamic vinegar (from left to right)

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