Her World Tries: Christmas Eve Dinner at Colonial Cafe

Celebrate the traditional way with good food and music!

Ahh, Christmas Eve! If you grew up with old-fashioned books and movies, this often conjures up pictures of dressing up and then sitting down to a scrumptious feast. Of course, there’s turkey and song involved as well.

Colonial Cafe, at the Majestic Hotel in KL, offers all this and more. We were recently invited to a preview of the Christmas Eve dinner, and here’s what to expect.


For those who take alcohol, the dinner starts with mulled wine. Colonial Cafe’s concoction balances the sweet dessert wine with a warming tinge of spice — the epitome of a ‘comfort’ drink. It’s the perfect start to the evening, setting the mood for relaxation and great conversations.

To nibble on is a beetroot tartare, with St. Maure quenelles and chives. Personally, I found it to be a bit of an acquired taste and preferred the next course: cream of watercress soup. The addition of cream helped to soften the sharp taste watercress often has, while the green vege took the jelak-ness off the cream. A good medley of east and west! A truffle quail egg added a decadent touch, and with the cheddar cheese toastie, we mopped up every last bit of soup.


With turkey being such a rare treat in this part of the world, we were excited to tuck in. Pair it with the cranberry sauce for added flavour. The pan-fried cod fish was another highlight. Fresh and cooked just right, it was light and a good choice of palate cleanser. The sweet flesh went well too with mushy peas, leek fondue and Camembert cream sauce.


Rounding off the night was classic vanilla yule log, decorated with a mistletoe, snowflakes and an edible chocolate bauble. There were minced pies to go with coffee or tea, too.

A large part of any festive dinner experience is the atmosphere, which Colonial Cafe excels at. There was a warm, cosy feeling to the place, complete with a candlelit glow. As for music, The Soliano’s serenaded us throughout dinner with all-time favourite Christmas songs. The ones you know by heart and will want to sing along to!

The Christmas Eve dinner is priced at RM280 nett per person (RM380 nett per person with wine pairing).