Built For The Love Of Baking

Every passionate baker needs a hardworking helper like Ankarsrum Assistent Original to make baking a breeze during this festive season!

A serious baker knows very well how important it is to knead dough to the right consistency in order to produce scrumptious baked goods. Working on large batches of dough manually can take a lot out of you, so Ankarsrum’s mission is to create a reliable tool that understands your needs. Easy to use and built to last, Ankarsrum delivers smooth, silky and elastic dough every time, and has been a favourite of bakers for over 75 years.

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Your invaluable assistant

Baking just about anything becomes more satisfying with Ankarsrum. Working from a minimum of 500g dough liquid, the huge 7L bowl lets you mix 1.5L of dough liquid and 5kg dough (or 2.7kg flour) without strain. It’s perfect for making large batches of dough – we’re talking about six loaves of bread in a single batch! Whether it’s whipping a meringue or mixing thick cookie dough, making excellent batter is a breeze.

Key features

Anskarsrum’s 1,500 watt motor is located in the base of the body, which allows attachments to remain stationary as the mixing bowl rotates. This means you’ll have a mixer that’s more stable and does a better job at kneading heavy dough. Another notable feature is its dough roller and dough knife, which mimic manual kneading. The grooved roller acts as the baker’s fingers and the knife mimicking the palm of the hand. What you get is dough that’s light and fluffy! 

Not just baking!

You have the option of enhancing your Anskarsrum experience with added accessories. An array of 18 optional attachments lets you do a lot more than just baking. Go from blending, juicing, slicing, grating, flour making, grain flaking and cookie pressing, to pasta making, berry straining, meat grinding and even sausage stuffing. Seriously  versatile!

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Usual price: RM4,999

FREE Ankarsrum Pasta Roller worth RM659

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