Best Dipping Sauce for Dapur With Love Awards 2019

Discover the secret behind the fiery kick of this hot sauce!
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WINNER Nando’s Hot PERi-PERi Sauce // CATEGORY Best Dipping Sauce

best dipping sauce

Hailing all the way from South Africa, Nando’s flamed-grilled PERi-PERi chicken has made its way into the hearts of Malaysians with its signature spicy tang. The secret to this distinctive taste is Nando’s unique African bird’s eye chilli, famously known as PERi-PERi. Found on fertile soils in South Africa, the chillies are carefully hand-picked by over 1,400 independent farmers. A twist of lemon and a touch of garlic transform it into the Hot PERi-PERi Sauce that’s loved all over the world.

More flavours!

Nando's Lemon & Herb PERi-PERi Sauce 250g

Nando's Garlic PERi-PERi Sauce 250g

Nando's Medium PERi-PERi Sauce 250g

Nando's Extra Hot PERi-PERi Sauce 250g

Nando's XX Hot PERi-PERi Sauce 250g

Besides Hot, Nando’s PERi-PERi sauces also come in varying degrees of heat – Lemon & Herb, Medium, Garlic, Extra Hot, and XX Hot – to satisfy everyone from PERi-PERi beginners to those who like a fiery kick. All are made from natural ingredients with no added MSG. So, get your own bottle from any Nando’s restaurants, leading hypermarkets, and supermarkets – to use as a condiment, marinade or ingredient. Here’s a recipe to inspire you!

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