Best Ceiling Fan for Dapur With Love Awards 2019

Install this ceiling fan for better ventilation throughout your space!

WINNER Joven Seagull Series // CATEGORY Best Ceiling Fan – Editors’ Pick

Given our hot and humid weather, it quickly gets stuffy in the kitchen when you’ve got your stove fired up. Get better ventilation in this part of the house with Joven’s Seagull series ceiling fan. It even has an integrated LED light to brighten up the room. To go easier on your electricity bills, its high-efficiency DC inverter motor is quiet and reduces electricity consumption by up to 60 per cent compared to conventional AC motors! You can count on two different functions for the ventilation your kitchen needs when the day turns scorching hot. The reverse fan function does exactly what it says: reversing the wind direction for flexible cooling. As for the natural flow function, it mimics the wind by randomising the fan’s speed patterns. Last but not least, the fan has a built-in safety wire to secure it in place and prevent accidental detachment.

Available in  4 different colours: grey, white, mocha and black!

Refresh your body

Relax and unwind after a long day by jumping under the shower. Joven’s SC33P instant hot shower with 10 milliampere (mA) extra-safe ELCB technology lets you take as long as you need to freshen up, as it consumes up to 30 per cent less energy than older models. It also comes with the all-new and quieter turbo booster pump. The sound it produces is below 65 decibels – equivalent to a conversation in a quiet living room – but the water pressure is four times stronger than that of conventional booster pumps. As the heater will come into frequent contact with water, it has a splash-proof casing to prevent water from seeping through. An added precaution is the safety thermostat that prevents scalding, overheating, and fire hazards.

Find out more at Joven’s website about the Joven Seagull series ceiling fan and the instant hot shower!