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Bread and I have a tenuous relationship. I can’t profess to being a fan, not really. But I do love a loaf or bun that’s light, soft and delicious.

And so, my initial hesitation when presented with a bun from Barcook quickly turned to “this is gooood” enthusiasm. It was the signature salted egg yolk bun, with the oozy custard filling providing a pleasing contrast in texture. The best part: it was neither too sweet nor briny.

I could tell immediately that the bun was fresh. Then again, it was morning. Would I find it just as fluffy at night, near closing time? I walked into the bakery at The Gardens to find out, and picked from what was left on the (mostly empty) shelves. The buns tasted just as good as I remembered them to be.

As it turns out, there is a reason you won’t be presented with many choices late in the day.


The ‘Bar’ in Barcook is in reference to the bar counter at sushi places, where morsels of food are served up fresh from the chef to customers. Swap sushi for fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and cakes — and that’s Barcook.

The bakery begins prep work as early as 5am, and bakes in many batches throughout the day. This is because they do not sell leftovers from the day before, to ensure freshness.

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German muesli loaf

Pumpkin walnut bun

Walnut cheese loaf

Raisin cream cheese bun