6 Must-Try Vegan Desserts in Klang Valley

Finger-licking desserts that you’d never guess are vegan!

We're blessed with many creative desserts here in Klang Valley, and we believe no one should be left out of the fun. So, for all you vegans, here’s a compilation of mouth-watering vegan desserts you never knew you needed! Even if you're not on a plant-based diet, who would say "no" to these healthy and guilt-free sweet treats?

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Kelava Vegan Ice Cream

Kelava is your best option if you’re planning to stay home for a snuggly movie night. They provide six main flavours, all of which can be delivered straight to your own front door. As Kelava’s ice cream contains coconut and soya milk, they maintain the smoothness traditional ice cream lovers would also enjoy.

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