5 Teas to Replace Your Morning Coffee

Try these if you're looking to swap your morning coffee for an uplifting cup of tea!
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Be it coffee in bed or a to-go on your way to work, we love our cup of morning coffee as it gives us the energy boost we need to kickstart a day. But, do you know your morning cuppa could also be the reason you are sleepless at night? To cut down on caffeine, you might want to start replacing your coffee with a cup of tea that give you both morning warmth and greater health benefits.


Earl Grey

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Earning its reputation as one of the most popular teas around the world, it’s even widely used in desserts and bubble tea! With a combination of both citrusy and malty flavours, Earl Grey is also a staple in most high-profile events as it is associated with royalty. High in antioxidants, this bergamot-flavoured tea also has a calming effect that will ease your Monday blues! If you prefer a more fulfilling morning drink, you can always opt to add some milk to it, and top it with a dash of vanilla or even honey!           

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