4 Treats Every Christmas Party Needs

Get your tummy ready for a joyous and sugary sweet holiday!

There are so many things I like about Christmas: the atmosphere, the food, receiving gifts… the list goes on. But I will admit that satiating my sweet tooth, with treats that melt my heart and warm my tummy, ranks pretty high up. After all, no festive meal is complete without some Christmas treats!

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Royce Chocolate

Image: ROYCE

If you need a snack that your guests will love to nibble on, stock up on ROYCE chocolates and cookies. They also make superb gifts for recipients of all ages! Filled with a mix of 15 all-time favourites such as Pure Chocolate, Nutty Bar Chocolate and Chocolate Wafers, the Christmas Selection box is certainly a classic pick. The Happy Selection, with its vintage collectible tin featuring festive prints, comes in very handy post-Christmas for organizing your tabletops.

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