10 Best Spices Every Woman Needs To Ward Off Illnesses

Besides making food taste better, these spices are also good for your body.

We use spices in cooking because they help to enhance the flavours and tastes of everything from vegetables to meat. But it turns out that spices are also packed with health benefits, too.

In addition to boosting your immune system and suppressing coughs and runny noses and common illnesses like cold and flu, some spices go one step further, settling upset stomachs and stimulating circulation.

Great for all the busy mums and working women who need a daily boost of immunity, consider sprinkling a magical dusting of healthy spices through your daily meals – here are 10 of the best ones.

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1. Cinnamon

Packed to the rafters with antioxidants, cinnamon can relieve indigestion, nausea and help alleviate diarrhoea, all while keeping blood sugar levels steady. Dust half a teaspoon on your porridge each morning for an extra-warming start to the day.

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