The Best Smartwatch To Match Your Workout Habits

There's something for every kind of workout personality.
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There are fitness trackers with smartwatch functions, and there are smartwatches with fitness features. Deciding which one(s) to commit your dollar to can be tough. Those who are new to workouts might not be ready to shell out RM1,000 for their first wearable, while others dedicated to sports like running would appreciate a watch that helps improve their performance. Since no two watches are the same, we’ve highlighted their key features and differences to bring you one step closer to finding your dream watch.

For workout newbies: Fitbit Inspire HR, RM468

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Compared to the rest on the list, this wallet-friendly pick is ideal for those just starting out on their fitness journey. It covers everything you could possibly need for basic activity tracking – steps, heart rate, calories burned – to motivate you to go from unhealthy to fit. To see if your workouts have been paying off, check out your Cardio Fitness Score in the app, which estimates your VO2 max based on your resting heart rate. The higher your score, the fitter you are.

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