Shape Tries: A Lightweight Shoe For Comfortable, Energising Runs

If you're serious about running, you may want to consider this pair of Nike.

I’ve walked by the Nike store near me countless times and stopped momentarily to look at the bright billboard featuring the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2. It’s an eye-catching pair of shoe, and looking at it makes me feel like going for a run. At this point, I’ve also heard much about how this pair makes running seem seamless. So, when I received it for a review, I was naturally very excited to try it myself.

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The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 retains the same sole design as in the first edition, and that would be the Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit. Basically, it features the same foam and similar layout, though the 4% has a full-length plate and some additional features. This version is updated with a lighter, sleeker upper, thanks mostly to a translucent material and lofted mesh. A midfoot band locks the foot on the footbed at high speeds.

What I really like about the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

During a casual conversation with a fellow runner, the question of how light the shoe is, propped up. I told my friend, that if she were to place them on her palm and blow them, they would fly – they’re feather light! Hyperbole aside, the kicks are really light, even lighter than its first edition, that I don’t feel the weight during a run. I also find the midsole construction very responsive and great during long-distance runs, and the energy return really does aid in helping me run faster. Another thing that I also notice is that, due to its midsole, the shoe isn’t really a comfy pair if you’re the type of runner who also walks intermittently, such as myself. So, this pushes me to keep running without strol stops. If you’re a serious runner, pushing to improve your PR, this could very well work in your favour!

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Outer construction wise, the shoe is very breathable overall. It is updated with a lighter, sleeker upper, thanks mostly to a translucent material and lofted mesh. I do find the heel counter a bit too high and too thin, as I would like it better if it is just a wee bit lower, though I don’t think that it impacted my overall run experience. I also find the tongue design to be a little too thin that I struggle to contain them neatly in place for the best fit.

As for the sole with the ZoomX foam, it’s really just very light and soft in the insides, for sustainable long runs. I also found out that the foam gives the wearer a 85% energy return, compared to other Nike foams. I also imagine that with frequent runs, the sole is due for a fast wearing-out, and for that, I’ll just have to wait a bit longer and see it for myself! Otherwise, I think it’s a good investment (because it is listed at RM735 on for those who are serious about running to improve their pace and timing. So if you feel like you want to go on a little splurge in your run journey, here’s your chance.