SHAPE Tries: What Does It Feel Like To Have Kegels Done To You?

We tried out that 'Kegel chair' everyone's talking about.
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If just sitting on a special chair for 28 minutes once a week for 6 weeks gave you better sex, would you try it? What if it prevented you from accidentally leaking when you cough, sneeze or laugh?  When SHAPE got an email from one of our contacts about a clinic in Kelana Jaya that has this machine that does your Kegels for you, we didn’t really take long to decide. This is how the conversation went.

The BTL Emsella Chair unit

Jaya (SHAPE’s Deputy Editor): There’s a machine that does Kegel exercises for you. Do you want to try it?

Me: What? What are they going to do to me?

Jaya: Nothing. I think you just sit there.

Me: Okay. What are they going to put inside me?

Jaya: I don’t think they put anything inside. Do you want to try it?

Me: Is it painful?

Jaya: I don’t think so. It shouldn’t be laa.

Me: Umm…ok, but if they’re going to put anything in me I’m walking out.

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