SHAPE Tries: This Non-Sticky, Anti-Ageing Formula Makes Skin Velvety Smooth

It's perfect under make-up.
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What I Like About It

I used it twice daily; in the A.M and P.M, just a pump under a moisturiser. For a start, the product is non-sticky and is very, very absorbent. It gets absorbed within seconds, leaving a smooth surface that feels fresh, like you’ve just had a shower. This is great for me especially in the mornings when I layer the product over makeup. It works seamlessly well, without creating an oily base for me to work with.

It also smells really good, like a spa on the skin – a bit lemongrass-y, and fresh. What I also noticed immediately is the skin appears to be less wrinkled and more radiant, and feels a lot more supple. Thanks to the L-serine in it, which delivers a gentle peeling effect to boost radiance and minimise the look of elongated pores, I really did enjoy this serum.

Price wise, it may seem a bit steep at RM288 (50ml), but a little bit of math had me thinking that I can use it for a bit more than two months if I used it twice daily, which makes it a good deal. All in all, I love it!

The belif Age Youth Creator Age Knockdown Bomb is priced at RM288 (50ml).

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