SHAPE Tries: This Non-Sticky, Anti-Ageing Formula Makes Skin Velvety Smooth

It's perfect under make-up.
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The Ingredients

Designed specifically for anti-ageing needs, the product uses the Age Down Formula, with three active ingredients:

Cedrol. It’s comes from the sap of cedarwood, and aims to increase collagen and elastin production for a visibly plumber and firmer skin.

Winter Aster. This contains chlorogenic acid, a well-known anti-oxidant that has anti-inflammatory and healing benefits.

Water Pennywort. This plant is also known in China as the miracle elixir of life. It also has powerful collagen and elastin regeneration properties.

As for the stick-free formula, it’s made from an algae-derived gel matrix, while the antioxidant formula combines plants such as oat seed, calendula, catnip, raspberry leaf, wild indigo and chickweed.

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