SHAPE Tries: This Non-Sticky, Anti-Ageing Formula Makes Skin Velvety Smooth

It's perfect under make-up.
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It’s not a primary concern, but what I like in a serum, any serum, whether it’s anti-ageing, plumbing, lightening or hydrating, is the feel of the product on my skin. I don’t want something that appears and feels oily or sticky, or a formula that takes time to get absorbed into the skin. And, ultimately, I do want it to work, with ingredients that are good for the skin and environment.

All that aside, I do find joy in the small details, like the shape of the pump, or even the name that’s been carefully thought after to call a product. So when I found belif’s Youth Creator serum sitting on my desk one morning, I was smiling to myself. It says on the box: Youth creator – a knockdown bomb. A knockdown bomb! Right on the bottle is a display of what the anti-ageing serum does for your skin: reduces the length of enlarged pores and the appearance of wrinkles with anti-oxidative effects to protect the skin against environmental damages. Now, this is a good start.

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