Shape Fitness Festival 2019 – All The Details Are Here!

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Get Ready To Sweat A LOT!

Between 4.30pm and 8.15pm, there will be a total of 8 workout sessions by trainers from Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First and Chi Fitness on two platforms at the Strand Mall entrance. You can choose to take part in any session that might interest you by the hour. Apart from some yoga sessions including partner yoga, here are the classes that will be on for the day.

Zumba™ by Celebrity Fitness 

Always a favourite with our festival goers, immerse yourself in this rhythmic fusion of Latin music and the latest chart-toppers. Groove, shake and dance your way to a toned and sculpted body as you work on your core and get legs to kill through agile footwork and dance moves.

Strong by Zumba™ by Celebrity Fitness 

This high-intensity tempo-driven training routine with a Zumba twist is sure to make you sweat.  You’ll be burning and sweating to the beat with high knees, burpees, jumping jacks, lunges, squats and more. But the party doesn’t end when you do; it’s a challenging routine that gets you burning calories up to 8 hours after the class!

Bodybalance® by Fitness First 

This session uses a series a simple yoga moves and embraces elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. You will bend and stretch to an inspiring soundtrack filled with songs that will help you relax and calm yourself. Controlled breathing, concentration and the carefully structured series of moves and poses are essential to creating a sense of calm.Walk away from class with a strengthened body and a lasting sense of wellbeing and calm.

Hardcore by Fitness First 

This is an effective workout that specifically targets and strengthens your core muscles. You will be bending, lifting and twisting, with strength exercises to build a leaner, fitter waistline.  You’ll leave the session with a stronger core, which will give you better balance, mobility, stability and improved posture.

Bodycombat® by Chi Fitness 

Punch and kick your way to fitness in this high-energy martial-arts inspired workout. The session is completely non-contact, with easy-to-follow moves inspired by a wide array of mixed martial arts, such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and MuayThai. With each round, you’ll be motivated to up the intensity to make the most out of your workout. You’ll work your core, legs, and tone your arms, backs and shoulders, while you burn calories, and develop your coordination, agility and speed.

Here’s a schedule of the event:



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