Scoop: Homegrown Brand Ohmfinity Aims To Make Yoga Accessible To All

These are the newest launches in the market.
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Find what you need to crush your fitness goals. From yoga to running, here’s a compilation of the latest in the market, for your perusal.


Yoga clothes at Ohmfinity

You would definitely want to get your hands on homegrown brand, OHMfinity’s yoga tops and pants. Not only do they feel comfy like second skin, they’re also very stylish, good to be worn in and out of a yoga studio. Importantly, the apparels are affordable. A pair of sports bra costs between RM89 and RM109, while a pair of leggings only costs between RM109 and RM129. The Special Edition sets of bra and leggings are sold at RM249 to RM275. From sweet pastel shades to bright bold shades, the colour range is vibrant and beautiful. The apparels are not only suitable for yoga practices, but also highly suited for active gym and other fitness workout. OHMfinity started out its sales on the Instagram platform. Now, you can also buy them from its website,, making it convenient for online purchases. Selected styles of its products are also available in several yoga studios and a gym in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Although currently focussing only on women’s wear, OHMfinity intends to bring in men’s wear in the near future.

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