Tips To Prevent Sports Injuries In Adults and Children

With his own personal running experience, Dr Siva explained that there are several patterns of behaviour and training that are ‘recipes’ for getting injured.
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The fitness boom has been growing at a rate of 2% to 4% a year, with no evidence of slowing down. The ‘Love Your Feet, Adios Diabetes’, organised by Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), attracted more than 3,100 runners of all ages. With the participation of Subang Jaya State Assemblywoman YB Michelle Ng, the marathon not only promoted a healthier lifestyle by raising awareness on diabetes, it also funded the purchase wheelchairs. The latter will be distributed to those who are in need throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Dr Siva Kumar Ariaretnam, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at SJMC

While we’re encouraged to exercise, it’s important to do it properly to prevent injuries. We contacted Dr Siva Kumar Ariaretnam, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at SJMC, to help explain the potential dangers of sports and the risk of injuries to both adults and children. Dr. Siva shared that while injuries are not uncommon in sports, there are ways to reduce this risk, often by just understanding the physiology of one’s body, the proper way to exercise, and to avoid certain high-risk training practices. He assured us that the benefits of exercise still far outweigh the risks. For the purpose of explanation, he broadly classified the injuries into the easily recognized accidental (or incidental) injuries and overuse injuries – the mechanism of which is less readily understood.

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