Keep Doing The Things You Love, At Any Age!

Don’t let weak muscles stop you from living your best life. With Ensure Gold, 8 weeks is all you need to start experiencing improved strength.

Often, we don’t realise how we rely on our muscles to perform even the simplest tasks. Here’s a question: How many muscles do you engage when dancing with your partner? The number is 180. And other day-to-day functional tasks? Waving your arm – it’s 24 muscles. Opening a jar – 80 muscles. Carrying a bag of groceries – 240 muscles. Now you have an idea why good muscle health is so important in performing basic body movements.

You don’t need to slow down

While it’s true that muscle loss takes place gradually as you age, it doesn’t mean that reduced mobility is inevitable. Studies have shown that with proper nutrition, coupled with regular exercise, muscle loss can be prevented or even reversed1. Healthy adults tend to start losing up to eight per cent of muscle mass per decade from age 40 onwards2. It’s imperative that we have a head-start in preserving muscle health so we can continue doing activities we enjoy for many years to come. Restored muscle strength lets you create meaningful moments with your loved ones.

To get started, Ensure Gold is scientifically formulated with the nutritional ingredient HMB – which has been shown to help the body regain strength – and a triple protein blend to provide complete, balanced nutrition for muscle health and strength. Ensure Gold is also packed with protein and vitamin D alongside 28 other vitamins and minerals to aid muscle tissue building and growth. Just two servings of Ensure Gold daily will see you with improved muscle health in just 8 weeks3.

Have your coffee!

Miss your cuppa because you’ve had to cut down on your caffeine intake? Ensure Gold now comes in a brand-new, caffeine-free, creamy coffee flavour! You can now enjoy the strong, delicious taste and aroma of coffee – but with the added benefits of complete and balanced nutrition for improved muscle strength.


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