How To Stop Insomnia

A life coach talks about how to overcome sleeplessness.
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Functional life coach Mastin Kipp, author of Claim Your Power and Daily Love: Growing Into Grace, talks about why he created this specific brand of life coaching and shares his techniques for coping with one of the most common problems he sees: insomnia.

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What is Functional Life Coaching?

“Essentially, coaching is about moving and therapy is about going back, and people have been craving a bridge, a middle ground between traditional coaching and therapy. Functional Life Coaching does both.

I came up with the idea after working with clients for seven years. I kept seeing people make a plan and then not do it. I started asking why. I found that it could often be traced back to emotional trauma. Traumas like loss, grief, divorce, stress, anxiety, depression, or a big fight with a friend can affect us in ways we don’t realize, causing us to become stuck. Functional Life Coaching helps people uncover and dissolve the root of that trauma so they can reach their goals.”

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