How To Have Amazing Shower Sex

You're definitely not alone if you've had dud shower sex.

Shower sex has an air of being fun and sexy—and for good reason. Having hot water running over your bodies, washing each other with lovely smelling soaps, and shampooing each other’s hair is all very erotic. There’s something very hot about getting a little dirty when you’re getting cleaned up.

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Shower sex is like the last great hurdle in our sexual terrain. We all talk about it, but no one seems to know how to pull it off with any grace (or orgasms). Luckily, here are a few fool-proof tips to put the confusion to rest.

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Make washing each other a seductive act in itself.

The first thing you and your partner should appreciate is the mindset of shower sex. The erotic focus should be on the entire experience of being in the shower together, not just how quickly you can get someone’s penis or toy into another person’s vagina.

You know how when you get out of the bath you feel super zen? That’s because warm water helps relax your muscles and calm your sympathetic nervous system, which controls involuntary functions (such as breathing) and your relaxation response. If your sympathetic nervous system isn’t in chill mode, it makes it impossible for your body to be calm enough to become fully sexually aroused.

In order to let the warm water do its job, take your time and make washing each other a whole adventure. Wash your partner’s hair and have them wash yours. Lather each other’s bodies up with soap. Massage your sore muscles and touch each other all over. You’ll both wind up very slippery. (That sensation might feel amazing, but beware: Keep soap away from the vagina, as it can lead to infections such as bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. If you’re going to touch the vulva or a partner is going to touch yours, rinse thoroughly first.)

After you rinse your shampoo and put in conditioner, there is ample opportunity to fool around while you wait for the product to do its magic. Press your partner against the side of the shower and have a hot and heavy make-out session. You can have soft tresses and orgasms. No need to choose.

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