SHAPE Tries: Gaining Deep, Satiating Sleep From Martha Collard’s Gong Puja

Sound healing to promote sleep.
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The Gong Puja session by Martha Collard at the OhanaJo Studio (Ig: @ohanajostudio) was quite an event, to say the least. Like many of the other participants, I was both excited and nervous about this night-long session. We’ve never experienced a gong relaxation session of such scale before, so this was an event that we had waited on with bated breath. 

What is a Gong Puja?

Gongs aside, the simplest way to describe this session is that it was essentially a pajama party – the zen kind, where you practice silence (and not actually party), with the will to quiet down and relax. To get us comfortable, we each got a futon mattress, fuzzy blanket and a sleep mask. Our beds were set close to each other due to space constraint, and the lights were switched off to echo this slumber mood.

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The gongs. There were six of them set at the centre of the room. The intention was for the participants to get into a deep state of relaxation, lulled by the gong vibrations that travel through the mind and body. Just before the gongs began, Martha took a few minutes to explain to us the order of the night. It was simple — we sleep, while the assigned players take turns to play the gongs for a 30-minute session each as the next player takes over. She also explained on how we could feel during the hours, what we could do if we chose not to stay horizontal, and how we would be feeling after the session, and in the following days. We were also encouraged to write down the names of the people or places we wanted to send healing to and stick the notes near the gongs. With that, Martha kicked off the session as the first player. The gongs went on continuously for more than 9 hours with 22 players in total.

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