And, she did it all on her own!
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After years of struggling with weight issues and bulimia, Masyitah Mohd decided to choose life and thrive. The 32-year-old says she beat her eating disorder and trained hard to get fit by using only the Internet as a resource. Here’s how she did it.

(We recommend consulting a doctor first before undertaking any revamp to your diet or physical activity. Bulimia is a serious condition and patients should seek professional help to recover.)


Tell us about your eating disorder

“Everyone was aware that I was losing weight despite eating a lot. But I think they did not know what was happening. It wasn’t until I went for a dental check-up in 2010, and the dentist noticed I had a bruised trachea, dental damage, unhealthy gums, erosion on my enamel and chipped/broken and decayed teeth from the stomach acid. She advised me to take care of myself or lose my teeth. I felt hopeless and wondered if I could ever lead a normal life. But, I also did not want to lose my teeth so I tried hard to control my eating, and finally got all my teeth fixed in 2011. I was jobless and had little savings so I moved away from Kuala Lumpur in 2013 to live with my brother. That was when I reclaimed my life back.”


How did you first get active?

“I was always at war with myself, so I chose to thrive. I began educating myself about self-love. Since I did not have access to a gym or personal trainers then, I read books and researched the Internet about fitness and workouts, and applied them on myself. I worked out at home – from a small room where I did squats, jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, dance… anything that kept my body moving. It was tiring and my body was sore the next day but it made me feel alive! Along with the dietary changes, I started to see results after two months; my weight dropped from 70kg to 65kg. Four months later, I joined the resident gym and worked out three times a week. I weighed 62kg, had a tighter tummy and more defined legs. Till today, I’ve never had a personal training session.”


What’s your fitness routine like?

“ I make sure I work out four days a week. If I don’t go to the gym, I will exercise at home. Usually, at the gym, I’ll do 5-10 min of limbering, 10-15 min of warm-up by walking and running, a 30-min full body strength training with 15-20 min of interval sprint and 5-10 min cool down and stretching.”


What was your fitness hurdle?

“Keeping myself motivated! I felt like giving up many times, but over the years, I’ve learnt that to stay on track, I have to focus on the long-term results. A positive mindset leads to a healthier and stronger body.”


What do you like about your body?

“I have a more toned body, I am fitter, and look much stronger now.”


What are the foods that you cannot resist?

“Oh, pizza, and almost anything savoury, spicy and crunchy like chips. I don’t really follow any diet, but I try to eat healthily – nothing fancy and not too complicated.”


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