7 Warning Signs Of A Heart Attack

Some you'll already know, while others may surprise you. Recognising these heart-attack symptoms could save your life or your loved ones.

Movies and TV shows would lead you to believe that a heart attack involves a dramatic clasp of the chest followed by a collapse to the floor. In reality, the Australian Heart Foundation’s national spokesperson on women’s health, Julie Anne Mitchell, says a heart attack can present through “a combination of symptoms”.

“Warning signs of a heart attack in women are just a likely to be in many different forms, with many symptoms easily attributed to other conditions,” Mitchell explains. Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack and the immediate action you need to take gives you the best possible chance of recognising it when it happens and seeking medical attention early.

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1. Chest discomfort or pain

Feelings of heaviness, tightness, pressure or a crushing sensation over the chest are all classic symptoms of a heart attack This discomfort may be mild, or it may spread to different parts of the upper body. It may also be accompanied by generally feeling unwell.

2. Arm tingling, numbness or pain

A tingling arm – particularly the left arm – is a renowned heart-attack symptom. However, arm discomfort can not only occur in one or both arms, but can also present as numbness, pain, heaviness or just a general feeling of uselessness in the limbs.

3. Neck choking or burning sensation

Unexplained discomfort around the neck area is also a heart-attack symptom. It may feel as though you’re choking or it could be a burning sensation in the throat. This discomfort could spread from your chest or shoulders to the neck.

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