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By Amanda Soh

Hubby, I Faked the Big ‘O’

Can women really fake an orgasm without their men suspecting it? Well, we asked three women to pretend to climax…

Womens Weekly
By Stephanie De Souza

“My Housemate Was A Sex Addict”

    I was in college when I met Ellie*. She was down-to-earth, well-mannered and unassumingly attractive. We were soon…

By Amanda Soh

“I sold my body to pay bills”

“My family knew I was a prostitute and not once did anybody say ‘no’ to the money I was handing…

By Li Wei Poon

“Take your hands off, woman!”

So your hubby’s a dish and his female colleague is getting too clingy and flirty with him. Here’s how to…