4 STEM Shows For Your Child

Cultivate their interest in the STEM field with these programmes.

The sciences doesn’t have to be boring! Expose your kids to these STEM shows designed to stimulate interest and creativity as they learn something new.

1. Blaze and the Monster Machines

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Credits: Fizzics Education

This animated series revolves around Blaze, a red monster truck and his young driver, AJ, as they navigate through a world where other monster trucks live. Every episode introduces your child to physics as the trucks race against each other or attempt to solve challenges. The creators of the show have cleverly woven in the science of how things move and problem-solving methods that fall back on science and mathematics, in between the humour and catchy songs. Just click on this LINK to start watching.

2. Xploration Outer Space

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Credits: Pure Flix

Emily Calandrelli is a former NASA employee who sets out to find answers to questions she poses about space — so your child will pick up nifty facts along the way! For example, one episode is titled “How Astronauts Stay Healthy In Space” and another, “Why We Explore”. To subscribe and watch, click on this LINK.

3. Earth To Luna!

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Credits: YouTube

Suited for younger children, join six-year-old Luna as she sets out to find scientific answers about the world we live in, such as how mixing colours can result in different shades, or even the placement of our planet within the solar system. Watch it on Netflix!

4. Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

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This animated series explores a world in which the famous inventor, Thomas Edison, created a virtual version of himself as well as an almost-complete robot, named Von Bolt. They’re locked away in a secret lab until 12-year-old Angie successfully cracks his code and discovers them. Your child will join Angie and friends as they go on wild and scientific adventures! To learn more about this fascinating show, click on this LINK.