Taking festive family photos with kids bursting with energy can be very trying! Here are tips you can employ to make it a fun and enjoyable time for everyone

Yes! It’s the time of the year for us to play dress-up, and of course, update our Christmas family photo with the cutest outfit and Santa headgear for the junior brood.

From choosing pretty tutu skirts to displaying the most elaborate Christmas trees and props, we all look forward to snapping the best shots for our #ootd and profile pictures. However, we all know how challenging it can be capture a decent family photo with the little ones. #thestruggleisreal yes, we have to admit!

To minimise the possibility of a mayhem, here are a few tips for planning your upcoming family picture:

  1. Coordinate everyone’s outfits to fit a colour scheme. Little touches of festive hues like red and metallic are the perfect and easy way to mix and match with your existing outfit. Try colour-blocking – team solid-red separates in varying tones within the same colour family or combine prints with a solid piece.
  2. If it’s an outdoor affair, pick comfortable fabrics, like a simple tee with sparkly embellishments paired with denim, for instance.
  3. Kids are usually playful and can’t sit still in one spot so it’d be a good idea to choose an outfit made of fabric that doesn’t crease easily like jersey, denim or even lightweight velvet. The last thing you want is to have a collection of crumpled outfit on the photo!
  4. Kids get distract easily, so try to keep them occupied with fun props like headgear, santa hats and props like soft toys or wrapped presents. Trust us, the candid pictures and interaction with props will look a whole lot more fun and real, rather than sullen little faces looking like they’ve been forced to pose for the camera.
  5. Plan everyone’s sitting arrangement beforehand so that you can do your snaps as fast as you can, while the child is still excited and full of energy. For toddlers, put them on set only when everyone is ready as they tend to wander around.
  6. Set up a pretty backdrop, like simple set of helium balloons in festive colours on a plain wall. Try if possible to coordinate it to the main colour scheme you’ve determined earlier.
  7. Blast out a X’mas song to get everyone in the mood!

Get some style inspo from this behind-the-scenes video of a GUESS Kids autumn/winter collection spread we’ve put together recently. Plus, check out the cutesy pieces for ideas on what you’d want the kids to wear. Have a fun time with the family photo session!


Have fun with simple poses like this!

Tee, RM129.

Jacket, RM489.

Jacket, RM489.

Skirt, RM269.

Bag, RM199.

Candid interaction makes any picture livelier!

Knapsack and hat.