Is It Normal For Your Child To Be Very Shy?

Should you be worried if your child is painfully shy?

It feels as if shyness is an inevitable part of growing up especially as your child becomes more aware of his or her surroundings as well as emotional and physical changes. Katyana Azman, a child psychologist at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur speaks up on the topic:

Social anxiety is a big thing now – with social media, there’s a lot of emphasis on being very confident and having this public persona of being very likeable. Kids from as young as seven can feel ostracised and isolated when they don’t fit into the mould, which could lead them to being very shy.

Is it normal?

Firstly, identify whether or not their shyness has begun affecting their ability to become a child of their age. Does it interfere with their daily routine? If the answer is no, then it is likely part of their personality and may grow to become functional in time. You are going to get some children who are more of a follower than a leader – and it’s important to acknowledge that this is completely alright.

Should you be worried?

Body language is a very good indicator for kids. If you notice how uncomfortable your child is in a room full of other children – that’s usually a good sign that the level of shyness has become maladaptive. Also, take note if you’ve noticed a trend whereby he or she favours their own company or doesn’t have many friends, and is unable to start a conversation – especially in comparison to other children. But be wary not to compare too much or your child will start getting a little worried.